Australian Pairs Championships

Results of Australian Pairs Championships 2023

Under 12s Under 15s Under 18 A Final Under 18 B Final 25 and over OPENS A Final OPENS B Final
1st Luci Foster and Lizzie Scarlett Matthew Borchers and Lauren Inwood Ryan Bissicks And Gabe Smith Tamika Coggan and Patrick Goggin Jeff Braithwaite and Ben Logue Gemma Vanderydt and Eleanor Wheeler (England) Adelaide Gibbs and Ebony Johnson
2nd Taydem Cross and Ben Hamilton Bailey Logue and Cade Smith Rohan Smith and Aaron Suvaljko Brodie Halliday-tough and Charlotte Stewart Brooke Shedden and Sabine Ware Doug Gosling and Andrew Rodaughan Jack Bissicks and Sophie (NZ) Daly
3rd Ellie Logue and Jack McLachlan Emily Oliver and Taylor Perkins Bree MacKenzie and Charlie MacKenzie Ruby Millington and Molly Quast Sean Corbin and Brad French Emily Conn and Ryan Seini Tahlia Burdett and Skye McMullen
4th Alexander Oaten and Charlotte Oaten Ember Vaqnderydt and Giselle Smith Mack Chandler-Williams and Dustin Rowlands India Curtis and Jaimi Hammill Nick Fitzsimmons and Cameron Bearman Julia Devitt and Breanna Geloven Brodie Halliday_Tough and Cameron Hilhouse (Scotland)
5th Sigrid Black And Rikkie Borchers Madelyn Harney and Bella Rose Ivanoff Tom McLachlan and William Zeiler Tara Murphy and Seona Scott Julie Chandler and Katrina Lloyd Annie Herzer and Caitlan Lloyd Anna Quinque and Seona Scott (Scotland)
6th Isla George and Lily Harney Jessica Foster and Alistair McLachlan Poppet Anstis (NZ) and Harrison Scarlett Rebecca Purdie and Laura Worden Leo Kieran (Ire) and Ella McMillan
7th Jacey Eatts and Paige Eatts Kasey Butcher and Max Ivanoff Keira Dowding and Claire George Rob McLachlan and Rhonda Tuckwell Jeff Braithwaite and Ben Logue
8th Kaitlyn August and Maya Whalen Jack Hamilton and Seren Mc Keever Jorja Brown and Kailani Muir Emily and Stephanie Molly Pratt and Daniel Suvaljko

Results of Australian Pairs Championships 2022

Under 12s Under 15s Under 18s 25 and over OPENS A Final OPENS B Final
1st Sigrid Black and Matthew Borchers Ryan Bissicks and Seren McKeever Ella MacMillan and Gemma Vanderydt Scottie Cruise and Warwick Slade Julia Devitt and Breanna Geloven Emily Gasparre and Abbey James
2nd Ben Hamilton and Jack Hamilton Charlie MacKenzie and Ali McLachlan Bree McKenzie and Taleha Urszulak Renae McKeever and Matt Wilson Alister Ling and Grace Perkins Abby Birkett and Jared Newham
3rd Lucinda Foster and Lizzie Scarlett Kiarra Yalden and Tarli Yalden Jack Bissicks and Sophie Daly Jeff Braitwaite and Nick Fitzsimmons Em Conn and Olly Conn Caitlan Lloyd and Katrina Lloyd
4th Issy Kelly and Lexie Kelly Gisele Smith amd Ember Vanderydt Tom McLachaln and Will Zeiler Rebecca Purdie and Rob McLachlan Lauren Slater and Katie Slater Matt Dillon and Taleha Ursulak
5th Bella’Rose Ivanoff and Jack McLachlan Damphere Cordon and Taylor Perkins Aaro Suvaljko and Daniel Suvaljko Sharni Nish and Ian Seini Adelaide Gibbs and Emily Johnson David Gardiner and Jemima Gardiner
6th Jessica Foster and Harrison Scarlett Caitlyn Charles and Tierym Tori Mitton and Mel Ramsey Chris Paton and Simon Rodgers Chloe Kristy and Sharna Uden
7th Harrison Brennan and Jaimi Hammill Natasha Burchall and Sienna McKie-Post Andrew Rodaugan and Niree Weybury Georgia Bissicks and Elise Highmore
8th Emily August and Julie Chandler Emma Cameron and Gabe Smith

Results of Australian Pairs Championships 2019

Under 12s Under 15s Under 18s 25 and over OPENS
1st Cade Smith and Sune Snyman Rohan Smith and Aaron Suvaljko Em Conn and Olly Conn Jeff Braitwaite and Nick Fitzsimmons Shaun Thompson and Trent McErlane
2nd Seren McKeever and Ember Vanderydt Taleha Urszalak and Cooper McCabe Caitlin Seini and Jack Bissicks Warwick Slade and Scottie Cruise Lauren Slater and Katie Slater
3rd Zoe Snelling and Kasey Butcher Tom McLachlan and Will Zieler Joseph Suvaljko and Daniel Suvaljko Katie Slater and Peter Nelson Denise Egging and Joe Pearson
4th Abbie Taylor and Grace Locock Charlie McKenzie and Bree McKenzie Aaron Newham and Ella-Lin MacMillan Carina Thompson and Shaun Thompson Andrew Rodaughan and David Gardiner
5th Ben Hamilton and Jack Hamilton Ryan Bissicks and Lily King Georgia Bissicks and Grace Perkins Sabine Ware and Brooke Shedden Bec Sanford and Will Conn
6th Ali McLachlan and Jachob McClure Emma Galea and Holly Butcher Abbey James and Zenne Manger Phil Logue and Dan Foster Adelaide Gibbs and Dan Foster
7th Lailah Quinn and Lucia Childs Angie Thompson and Grace Locock Abby Birkett and Ryan Snelling Rebecca Purdie and Jenny Suro Chris Paton and Ryan Seini
8th Eliza McClure and Ali McLachlan Tyla Davies and Gemma Vanderydt Ian Seini and Sharni Nish Emily Gasparre and Ryan Seini

Results of Australian Pairs Championships 2018

Under 12s Under 15s Under 18s 25 and over OPENS
1st Ryan Bissicks & Seren McKeever Aaron Newham & Olly Conn Ella Pearse & Caitlan Lloyd Katie Slater & Peter Nelson Joe Pearson & Jack Durr
2nd Ember Vanderydt & Cade Smith Lily King & Jack Bissicks Nerida Evans & Trent McErlane Julie Chandler & Katrina Lloyd Lauren Slater & Katie Slater
3rd   Gemma Vanderydt & Rohan Smith Tiger Lily Gibbs & Jessica Piakarek Tash Ellery & Sean Corbin Billie Pearson & Denise Egging
4th     Grace Perkins & Georgia Bissicks Ian Seini & Sharni Nish Chris Paton & Ryan Seini
5th     Tyla Davies & Emily Bradford Maureen Purdie & Rebecca Purdie Alister Ling & Danny Kopa
6th     Bec Sanford & Emily Conn Ross Davies & Renae McKeever Tom Gliddon & Adelaide Gibbs
7th     Lucy Blenkiron & Jackade Salter Warwick Slade & Niree Weybury Matthew Wilson & Jesse Davis
8th     Sharna Uden & Kate Humphrey   Luke McNamee & Ashleigh McNamee

Results of Australian Pairs Championships 2017

Under 12s Under 15s Under 18s 25 and over OPENS
1st Rohan Smith & Abbie-Lee Geneve Grace Perkins& Georgia Bissicks Simon Rodgers & Rhys Smith Katrina Lloyd & Julie Chandler Katie Slater & Lauren Slater
2nd Cade Smith & Seren McKeever Aaron Newham & Connor Richardson Chris Paton & Trent McErlane Sean Corbin & Tash Ellery Jack Durr & Joe Pearson
3rd   Lisa Emerson & Jakade Salter Ella Pearse &Michael Crawley Max French & Brad French Matt Wilson & Richard Glenn
4th   Caitlin Seini & Hannah Puckey Tegan Court & Nerida Evans Ian Seini & Sarah Ross Tom Gliddon & Dan Foster
5th Emily Conn & Emily Gasparre Andie Biondic & Bec Sanford Maureen Purdie & Rebecca Purdie Nick Fitzsimmons & Danny Kopa (NZ)
6th Tyla Davies & Emma Vanderydt Caitlan Lloyd & Annie Herzer Warrick Slade & Karen Slade Casey Booth & Alice Greig
7th Mia & Jack Emma Puckey & Jared Newham Julia Devitt & Ryan Seini
8th   Tessa Forbes & Elise Highmore   Lachie Somers & Aidan Somers

Results of Australian Pairs Championships 2016

Under 12s Under 15s Under 18s 25 and over OPENS
1st Rohan & Abbie-Lee Emily C & Olly Rhys & Julia Peter & Phil Katie & Lauren
2nd Taleha & Emily Emily G & Zenne Will & Lucy Carina & Jeffrey Jack & Chloe
3rd Bree & Charlie Hannah & Tylah Sion & Michael Warwick & Karen Matt & Nick
4th Cade & Lucia Ryan & Abby Trent &Elouise Rebecca & Kerry Lachlan & Aidan
5th Caitlin & Gemma Ella & Chris Sarah & Ross Alice & Matt
6th Aaron & Connor Simon & Ryan Courtney & Elouise Denise & Billie
7th Mia & Jack Breanna & Siena Annalise & Will
8th Emily C & Olly Andie & Elise   Zac & Shaun

Results of Australian Pairs Championships 2015

Under 12 Under 15 Under 18 25 and over Open
1st Ryan and Olly Annie and Caitlyn Tessa and Ryan Phil and Peter Billie & Joe
2nd Hannah and Aaron Ella and Trent Kieran and Rhys Max and Brad Nick and Matt
3rd Jack and Will Chris and Elise Julia and Simon Carina and Shaun Lachie and Aidan
4th Sheridyn and Nicola Jack and Jamie Andrew and Katrina Zac and Georgia
5th Bec and Nicola Tara and Jemima Nick and Tracey Jesse and Matt
6th Georgia and Caitlin Lucy and Georgia Maureen and Rebecca Paul and Stuart
7th Jared and Rosie Tom and Jorja Warwick and Laurie Lauren and Katie
8th Hannah and Emma Andi and Annalise Ian and Karen Rich and Scottie

Results of Australian Pairs Championships 2014 Wentworth

Under 12 Under 15 Under 17 25 and over Open
1st Caitlan Seini/Georgia Bissicks Caitln Lloyd/Sahara Warren Brad Strauss/Mike Strauss Katrina Lloyd/Sean Corbin Zac Hope/Katie Slater
2nd Nerida Evans/Taylor Pesund Sean Fraser/Sammy Bain Max French/ Brad French Joe Pearson/Billie Pearson
3rd Lucy Fanning/Ella Pearse Lauren Brewer/Tom Gliddon Andrew Rodaughan/Warwick Slade Nick Fitzsimmons/Matt Dillon
4th Elise Highmore/Kate Humphrey Casey Booth/Dana Greenwood Maureen Purdie/Rebecca Purdie Alice Greig/Matt Wilson
5th Shiana Semmler/Meg Bennett Jack Durr/Emma Sheargold Mark Fitzsimmons/Matt Fitzsimmons Aidan Somers/Jake Kirkham
6th Emily Gasparre/Abigail Fuggle Annalise Gasparre/Chloe Pearse Julie Chandler/Leeanne Emerson Andrew Rodaughan/Anja Zoellner
7th Lisa Emerson/Lachlan Moody Millie Young/Nikia Heaven Sarah Ross/Anna Cameron Lauren Slater/Phil Fitzsimmons
8th Jessie Davis/Stephie Smith Mim Pfeiler/Amanda Clark Matt Kirby/James Thomas

Results of Australian Pairs Championships 2013

Under 12 Under 15 Under 18 25 and over Open
1st Emily Conn & Ollie Conn (NSW) Simon Rodgers & Stephanie McAuliffe (Vic) Jack Durr & Emma Sheargold (NSW) Carina Thompson & Shaun Thompson (NSW) Rhys Farmer & Patrick Fitzsimmons (NSW)
2nd Daniel Thomas & Aaron Newham (NSW) Julia Devitt & Andie Biondic (NSW) Tiffany Sweet & Jessie Davis Courtney Crooks &Eloise Fraser (NSW) Gareth Farmer & Andrew Atkins (NSW)
3rd Ryan Snelling & Rhys Robinson(NSW) Lucy Fanning & Charlotte Millard (NSW) Penny Slater & Ally Durr (NSW) Phil Logue & Peter Nelson (NSW) Ben Logue & Sean Logue (NSW)
4th Sky Notter  &Taylor Christensen (NZ) Tom Pearce & Tom Read (NSW) Maureen Purdie& Rebecca Purdie (NSW) Nick Fitzsimmons& Lauren Woodbridge (NSW)
5th Georgia Thorpe  &Rebecca Sanford (NSW) Kelly Shedden &Annalise Gasparre (NSW) Phil Fitzsimmons & Andy Wright (NSW) Jeff Braithwaite & Mark McInnes (NSW)
6th Trent McErlane &Misty Mitchell (NSW) Madeline Skopek & Jayden Hately (NSW) Mark Fitzsimmons & Matt Fitzsimmons (NSW) Tecca Ross (Vic)& Matt Dillon (NSW)
7th Jarred Newham &Harry Hawkins (NSW) Millie Ross & Emma Cameron Ron Weller & Helen Teaz (NZ) Katie Slater & Lauren Slater (NSW)
8th Ella Pearse & Ruby Reeves (NSW) Chloe Pearse & Kynan Trotter (NSW) Jason Hooker & Tanja Notter (NZ) Kelly Adams(SA) & Zac Hope

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