The Games

Mounted Games competitions are played in three different formats:- Individuals, Pairs and Teams. Each format of competition has its own repertory of over 20 different games, with some being common to all formats.

Examples of Games

The Flag Fliers Race
With flags being put into and retrieved from witches hats, at high speed.
Agility Aces
Wherein the rider dismounts, runs nimbly across a set of upturned pots (stepping stones), and vaults back into the saddle to complete the race, is another game of exquisite skill and control.

The full list of Games can be found in the IMGA Rule Book.

The Riders

Riders range in age from youngsters of only 3 years to the die-hards in their 60′s.

At different levels the sport can be enjoyed by competitors of all age groups and all levels of ability.

It remains, however, a sport for young people because of the athletic ability and agility required.


The Ponies

As with all sports, Mounted Games can and are played at many levels of ability, and although top players and teams now prefer particular types of ponies, any child or youngster with any safe pony, whatever its breeding, can get started and have a lot of fun doing so.

A highly-priced aristocratic pony is not necessary to learn the games. That can come later if the rider chooses to persevere to a higher level.

Most ponies will learn the tricks of the trade quite quickly, and many really good Mounted Games ponies are at times ”rejects” from other branches of equestrian sport. In order for these ponies to succeed, however, the rider must be an experienced games rider and be able to teach the pony exactly what is required.

Under IMGA Rules ponies must be 15hh or under. AMGA has relaxed this rule and those over 15hh are allowed for Australian competitions.

Ponies with riders

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